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Doing Laundry is a mundane task and due to this, most people do not give a lot of thought about renovating it. However, with the renovation services we plan to make your laundry a much more functional, updated, and beautiful corner of your house. Our team works to provide you everything right from the perfect location for laundry to easy access with the convenience of handling clothes. So it doesn’t matter whether you have an old or run-down laundry or you are not utilizing the space well, we will make laundry fun and enjoyable place with our renovation services.


The best place for a Laundry is obviously in a service area, far from the living rooms and bedrooms. The reason for this is that while the washing machine or the dryer is being used, it should not affect the calm of the resting or entertainment zones. If the space for laundry is on a small lot and it is a commodity then it is practical to have a Laundry off the garage so that it can serve as a hallway or access from the garage to your house


Another crucial aspect of laundry design is the selection of Appliances. Although most of the washing machines are available in standard sizes, there are still many that are available in taller, deeper, and wider sizes. The size of the machine should always be considered according to the laundry size, it must not occupy too much or too little of the space. So always ask yourself whether you want a front loader or a top loader, separate washer dryer, or all in one. These Questions must be answered wisely.


Your Laundry must have huge storage. This will include overhead, shelves, cupboards, drawers, and benchtop space for a huge storage center. Chemicals must be stored in the overheads so that they are inaccessible to the children. Tall compartments are perfect for string vacuum cleaners, brooms, and mops so that they are not on display.

We highly recommend custom-made cabinets as they are designed according to the space and layout of your Laundry. Though they are more expensive than the standard cabinets they are worth the price difference. Having said that, both the choices are functional and workable, you can choose as per your requirement and budget.

Few types of equipment such as a rail can be a good option as they reduce the ironing of clothes; also installing open shelves can allow you to display candles, soaps, or towels. These are the small touchups that give your laundry a premium look.


It is essential to choose how you will operate your Laundry and what items will be stored in it. Space should be designed in a way that it eliminated double handling and organize washing, drying, and folding in a time-saving manner.

The workflow must be according to the design of the laundry and there must be ample space to move safely and comfortably. Depending on the age of the member who will operate the laundry, the appliances must be elevated so that there is less crouching and bending.

Try to place your Appliance in the middle of your Laundry baskets and sink so that it is convenient to transfer clothes from one area to another. Also if you place your dryer above or beside the appliance it will result in reduced double handling and allows you to fold and sort your clothes from your dryer directly to the bench near-by.

In case you use an air dryer or rail, you must include the storage space for the same. The iron station can be placed on the wall, right next to the area of drying clothes where they are easily accessible.

Why us

Evolution home and building improvements are known to provide the best Kitchen Renovation Services, Home Renovation, Building Renovation, Carpentry Renovation, etc.  We work to develop for you a laundry that is beautiful, updated, trendy, and functional. From the smallest touch-up to complete renovation of your laundry, we take care of everything without making you suffer through those stresses and strains that come along with a renovation project. Our team has skilled and experienced professionals who know how to approach a project in a way that the project is affordable for you. We make sure that you get the best Laundry Renovation Service in Sydney without compromising on quality.