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Nobody wants to compromise on the standards of their kitchen, a little loose shelf and rodents will make it their home, loose hinges, and your precious bone-china is at risk of falling. Nobody wants rats to rule on their kitchens when they are asleep. We keep all this in mind while we renovate your kitchen. Our team consists of the most skilled employees who are complete experts at their job. They cover everything right from designing to implementation and installation. We expertise in different types of kitchens including


  • Modern polyurethane Kitchens
  • Laminate Kitchens
  • Modern timber Kitchens
  • Outdoor Kitchens Alfresco
  • Custom to Measure Kitchens


Since we offer a wide range of choices and selection for a new kitchen, it is important that you establish your budget. Once the budget is established our team can proceed accordingly in giving you the best services in your budget. The budget eliminates unnecessary discussions and makes the whole process much more transparent.

In case you are getting an existing kitchen renovated, the plumbing and electrical point costs are more or less the same since they are kept where they are. However, if you are planning a complete change of layout and design then it is recommended to look for alternative electrical positioning.

The selection of cabinetry and appliance that are standard in size and profile can be cost-effective. However, the same must be considered in accordance with the space of the kitchen.


The functionally of the kitchen is of utmost importance and should be your priority when going for the Kitchen Renovation Services. The functionally involves the selection of the height of benches and the position of cooktop, sink, and refrigerator. The selection must be based around the appliances and the layout of the kitchen. For example, if you want a side by side refrigerator in your kitchen then you must get the kitchen designed accordingly.

Apart from this, you can get the internal compartments of the cupboards customized as per your needs. We offer a wide selection of drawers, shelves, cupboards, pantry spaces, and walk-in pantries. You can make a choice according to your planning and vision. Some people do not like to display those tangled wires and if you fall in this category you must ensure that they are well concealed.

Another important aspect is the lighting in the kitchen; the lighting greatly affects the functionality of the kitchen. A well-lit work area is indispensable. Lighting must be planned in a way that that the visitor’s eyes are drawn towards the features and beauty of the kitchen. Adding an option to dim the lights can be a real mood fixer.


Believe it or not, but most of our clients make the decision of getting the Kitchen Renovation Service to keep up with the trends and have a stylish kitchen that appeals to the guests. Considering our customer demands our duty, we offer a wide variety of kitchen styles that the customers can choose from. The selection of the style completely depends on your personality and vision.

The choice of colors, finishes, design of the cabinet, and much more are influenced by your style preference. Even the choice between sophisticated lines, contemporary or detailed joinery, and hardware depending on the style preference.

Before you move ahead with your selection our team will bring together the hardware elements and samples to give you a glimpse of how your kitchen will look after we are done with it. The style of the kitchen must blend with the style of your house to reflect harmony from room to room.

Why Us

Evolution home and building improvements are known to provide the best Kitchen Renovation Services, Bathroom Renovation Services, Pantry Renovation Services, Home & Building Renovation, Carpentry Renovation, etc. We have deeply studied the importance of the kitchen in a house and the expectations that you have with it. We have a well-designed step by step process to provide you your dream kitchen within your budget. Our aim is to give you a kitchen that you want and we will not stop until you are satisfied. We keep in mind everything right from budget, design layout, functionality while helping you decide. So, if you are looking for reliable, experienced, and efficient kitchen renovation services in Sydney then Evolution home and building improvement is the way to go.