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It is your bathroom which provides you those long relaxing showers after a hectic day. It is your bathroom that gives you that “me” time and it is known that most great ideas occur in the bathroom. Therefore, it is very important to have a beautiful and updated bathroom and to achieve that our Bathroom Renovation Services in Sydney are the best option.

Bathroom renovation is known to breathe life into a house. Most people confuse renovation with the deconstruction of the bathroom completely; however, in most cases, a simple replacement of shower of vanity can enhance the feel and look of your bathroom.  Having said that, there are also cases where clients wish to tear apart everything and start from scratch. This and many other decisions depend on various factors, like budget and vision.

As per 2014, HIA-GWA kitchens and bathrooms report released by the Housing industry Association (HIA) around 70% of renovations were done on bathrooms between 11-20 years old. If you have a bathroom above 11 years old, it’s time to think about getting your bathroom renovated. Still, need help deciding? Contemplate the below factors


Persistent problems

As time goes on and the bathroom gets old it becomes the hub of various persistent problems like water leaking or floor rotting. No matter how much you spend, they occur every time. If you can relate to these then, your bathroom is calling for complete renovation where every tile is re-fixed, all tap ware replaces, and pipes changed. It is also economical to get it done once rather than wasting money over useless repairs.

Lack of space

The introduction of skin-oriented soaps and different shampoo for different hair types has resulted in gazillion products in the bathroom. Everyone deserves to have their own choice of products but your bathroom also deserves some more storage space to store 6 different smelling soaps and shampoos. Here advancement in bathroom products comes to your aid, for example, storage cupboard behind the mirror or sliding shelves. Such things can make good use of the small space of your bathroom. These handy cabinets not only offer additional storage and enhance the visual appeal of your bathroom, but also provide added practicality.

Outdated look

After a certain period of time, the regular visits to bathrooms can become the dull moments of life and these will grow into a regular mundane attitude. This is a much serious problem then it looks. A little facelift of your bathroom can turn around the whole experience. Fresh paint color and bigger and cleaner mirrors work as an antidote to your monotonous life. Also, in the time that we live in, trends keep updating with new styles and enhanced functionality gets introduced every day. It is important to keep your bathroom updated with changing times.


Innovations and inventions are constant in the changing time, many features have become obsolete today and many have taken the place of others. From the design of the shower to the mechanism of Tap, everything has changed. Your bathroom also needs to enjoy the perks of added functionality that has been introduced. If you have a busy household with many members using the bathroom, renovating your bathroom can help make it more functional.

Low on safety

Although Bathrooms are mostly remembered for relaxation and enjoyment they also witness some drastic slips and falls. Thus, safety must be given first place in the priority list. Bathrooms with the slippery floors or wet floors due to leakage must be renovated right away.

Why Us

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